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The Adventures of Mr. Chloe is dedicated to sharing life with a pet bunny rabbit as he and his human traveled to many destinations. Mr. Chloe is likely the world's most traveled bunny rabbit and his imagination led to writing "The Magic Flying Machine" and "The Stolen Chocolate Recipes" stories. And just for fun, he spoofed on a famous stage production in "Opera of the Phantom Bunny" and a ground-breaking film in "Gone with the Bunny."

Mr. Chloe had a great life of 11.5 years; he never lived in a cage and made new friends wherever he traveled. The video "The Adventures of Mr. Chloe," posted below, attempts to tell the story of his very full and active life in just a 10-minute clip that was published in August 2007.

He's visited France, Belgium, Germany and 19 states across the U.S.A. It is the hope of this little website that you simply enjoy viewing his travel pictures and reading the children's stories. It is also important for readers to understand that pet bunny rabbits are not toys or "Easter Bunnies," but make superior house pets. Just like dogs and cats, rabbits must be integrated into your family and not remanded to a cage. If you are considering a pet rabbit for your family, Mr. Chloe urges adults to be the primary caregiver until "baby bunny" is mature; housebroken (takes about 24 hours) and spayed or neutered (should be done at about five months) before your rabbit can be left to do as he pleases in your house. There are more nuiances to raising a rabbit and the House Rabbit Society is an excellent resource for beginners.

squirrel irisView the animation of photographs from New York City's park at the Cloisters taken in June 2006. Mr. Chloe did not go to the park, because it was too hot. Images should be viewable for all types of browsers since it is an animated gif.

Rabbit Bunny2005: Mr. Chloe travels to Las Vegas, Nevada and meets new friends. He stayed at the luxurious Faithful Friend Pet Sitting facilities...while his human had to work a trade show on the strip. The best parts of Las Vegas are: Red Rock Canyon, and Lake Mead.

hamburg maine2004: Mr. Chloe the pet bunny rabbit snaps travel pictures in Maine, Vermont, Germany, and France!

Central Park Central Park 2004: Central Park is a perfect setting for pet bunny rabbits, Mr. Chloe loves his Manhattan neighborhood -- Spring in Central Park, NYC.

Paris Paris 2003: Mr. Chloe the pet bunny rabbit visits friends in Paris -- the hottest summer ever!

Berlin Paris 2003: Travel pictures from Berlin & Paris... and everyone awaits the arrival of baby Maya.

Paris Trafalgar Square 2001: Mr. Chloe the pet bunny rabbit visits Europe for his first time and takes plenty of travel pictures. March - Paris and Brussels, London, and Paris in May & June.

About Mr. Chloe's human and author. Mr. Chloe the pet bunny rabbit is real. The stories and images are a registered trademark of All images and written content is copyrighted by Mr. Chloe Productions Ltd. The contact email is jeff (at) mrchloe (dot) com. This material is intended for entertainment purposes only and may not be reused, copied or printed.

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